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Molten metal processing plants worldwide benefit from the use of TENMAT’s extensive range of high temperature materials. TENMAT manufactures a wide variety of materials for thermal insulation, electrical insulation, gasketing and molten metal handling. Typical applications for TENMAT high temperature materials include pouring nozzles, high temperature roller coverings, tap out cones, molten metal transfer pump components, crust breakers, gaskets and many others.

TENMAT high temperature filters are made out of inorganically bonded granular minerals, providing more strength than any other commercially available filter. TENMAT hot gas filter elements are filter tubes developed for operating temperatures up to 1000 °C.

TENMAT manufactures a wide range of element designs in a choice of exonerated refractory materials tailor-made to customer requirements. Without the use of asbestos or ceramic fibres, TENMAT Candle (CS1150F) and Big Tube filters (CS1255F) comply with the highest environmental emission standards worldwide.

TENMAT FEROFORM F57 can be processed around your existing steel rollers. Alternatively, we supply stand alone full or split sleeves that simply slide onto your steel mandrel. Other applications for FEROFORM F57 in aluminium plants include sliding pads, bearings, and thrust washers.

FEROFORM F57 is the ideal choice for high impact applications, providing a long-lasting, maintenance-free wear surface.
This innovative material replaces old-fashioned steel rollers.